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There are lots of apps that have ticketed events like big concerts and sporting events, but what about the day to day events that make living local great?

Introducing soket2me!

Events for Locals

Wine tastings, DJ’s, lunch specials… we have the events you love.

Oh, So Close

Filter by location and proximity - down to 1/2 mile.

Search and Ye Shall Find

Looking for something specific? Search for it nearby.

Sharing is Caring

Share, tweet, email, and txt events to friends.

How it Works

Using the latest in quantum computing and interpretive dance, we collect event information created by local businesses and organizations in the soket ecosystem, so we can deliver it to you.

Watch the video to learn more. You’ll like it, it has a snappy soundtrack.

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Live Like a Local.

Go to events.
Have fun.
Meet people.
Tell them we said “hi."


Just imagine all of those fun things you could be doing right now.

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